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New Thinking- by Dan Calabrese
To Steve Andras, president of Westport, Massachusetts-based Pioneer Basement, the importance of waterproofing goes beyond the integrity of structures and goes straight to the health of those occupying the home.

basement air         
“Forty percent of the air you breathe on the first floor comes from the basement,” Andras says. “So the healthier you can make your basement, the healthier you can be on the first and second floors. That’s why we’re focused on making the basement a healthy environment so people can go down there and utilize it, and at the same time make their family healthier.”
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Basement ManagerAbout the Pioneer Home Basement Finishing Network
Our Pioneer Home Basmenet Finishing Network is a new approach to the way you utilize your basement. Transform your basement space and accomplish what you have been dreaming about... a new living space that has a clean modern look and feel for your family to spend time together, entertain friends, or work from home. No matter what you would like to accomplish in your basement finishing project, we can provide you with an unwavering commitment to quality and customer service. We are basement experts and a leader in the basement industry.

At Healthy Home Basement Finishing... We are focused on creating a new beautiful-healthy finished basement that you and your family can enjoy.

Pioneer Home Basement Finishing recognizes that the basement is a part of your home. Through a network of professionals we prepare and finish basements in a manner that does not introduce health hazards. Our Pioneer Home Basement Finishing Network is trained and certified in the latest techniques and methods for providing a beautiful added living space to your home. We use a broad range of products and materials that are specifically designed for correcting and maintaining a healthy and comfortable basement living space.

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Headquartered in Westport, Massachusetts (MA) with authorized contractors throughout the United States, Pioneer Basement oversees every Pioneer Home Basement Finishing project. Grate Products LLC. supplies Pioneer Home Basement Finishing Contractors with products suitable for the basement environment.

Basement Finishing and Basement Remodeling are our Passions! Creating healthy, usable space with the basement is what we've been helping people do all over New England. We can help you with your project!

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